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Sign: Scorpio (yes, Pluto is a planet)

Blood type: O (I have blue blood, don't try stealing mine, 'tis not good for your health)

Loves: Hot Old Men, books, cakes, self, fictional villains, a bunch of historical figures, (mostly male) fashion, animals (more than humans, excepting H.O.M.), uniforms and many more.

Jobs: Freelance artist/writer, Founder/CEO of Dark Society (company since 1997), stage technician (lighting design, sounds, backstage, sets, etc)/stage manager/costume designer, all-around-slave.

About: Was really born in October 31st, 1453. Also goes by Victoria. Or God. Likes using The third-person singular. Is the Chosen One of the Cult of The Holy Toilet (plz, join anytime). Is a loner (swears by the "being alone is better than being surrounded by stupid ppl" philosophy). Is hyper-sensitive and weak and naive and romantic at heart. Ppl just don't get it, that's all. Dreams of world domination every night before going to bed. Wants to conquer the universe and set up a harem of 3000 concubines (all sexy nubile old men in fancy costumes). Really really hates McGill in particular and schools/school systems in general. Is still wondering why she's currently attending McGill.

   Hamano Ayumi:

First of all, let me say that my name reads backwards, I am Ayumi, not Hamano. Other than that, I'm currently the youngest (by a longshot. Heheheh, you all so oooold~) member of MUSEbasement with a knack for driving anyone to the brink of insanity with my ultra-cool, hyper-active skillz of annoying people. I've got multiple nicknames like Phoenix, Lambchop, or Birdbrain (I've got three birds at home, figure that one out.), and I love affection, so give me HUGS~! ^_^ I'm also a video game junky and love RPGs with a passion (Like LoZ, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, etc). On a side note, I like anime and manga (Duh) and cosplaying, though I'm not the best at it. I'm a pairing shipper too, that means if I see a character, I immediatly find someone to pair him/her with, or else I probably won't like the series. My best friend is my pen tablet, followed by my millions of stuffed animals, and I want a falcon for my birthday~

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