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NAME: Simon Gannon
ROLE: Co-founder; scenario writer; owner. I fill any spot needed.
Mostly, I do visual direction and tweaking of pencils. I usually have a hand in the covers and in the more technical illustrations.
BIO: One of the few at MUSEbasement that is no longer a student, and one of the older members. My day job is being a lead quality assurance functionality tester for interactive media, which means I lead variable teams of testers playing video games at a third party testing facility. I quantify, solve, organize and distribute problems in my pursuit of making mediocre (occasionally awesome) and broken games good. Devs often waive our complaints, but the task is to keep on striving for quality. I try to bring that hard focus and team spirit to the Basement, as this should also be a fun job and not a grind. With these two jobs I live the ultimate life of geekery, but both these jobs harbour secret repetitiveness and back breaking deadlines. It's easy to become overworked - so good organization and spirit is essential!

I have little in the way of training in art, having picked up a pencil and starting to copy Disney characters when I was 7. I only started to draw human beings when ReBoot demanded fanart, and my art only started to look clean and presentable a couple of years ago. An incredible perfectionist, I'm the one cleaning the pencils, and if there is any time, drawing the meticulous things. I studied perspective and the elements of Illutration and Sequential Art out of books the way some people study history or science, but I don't draw nearly enough. I know more theoretically than I could ever apply, and therefore am unnecessarily hard on my own drawings and progress. At the very least, this gives MUSEbasement an extensive library they can use at any time!

Colour is the major stumbling block at the moment, and I'm somewhat lost within it. Generally, my method now is to grayscale and put flat tones in suggested by computer. A link to this computer program can be found below (GenoPal).

LINKS: I don't use the Internet much, other than to sit around Gmail and look up references in Google, Wikipedia and YouTube. I don't really have to link to those, So here are some items I did find useful, or links to official sites of things I like.


Useful Sites:



Production & Publishing Houses:

Art - Hmm. I use mostly printed books. Well, I'll talk instead:
The Famous Artist's Course: These two (together with 8 other leading artists of the time) found the basis of my knowledge of illustration; the importance of composition to tell a story, effective perspective and depth to that end, artist's anatomy, using inks to create form and clarity of figure... Their art form is technically all but dead as a commercial option for an artist to take, since most print publications no longer hire full fledged works like these - and we artists are no longer cheap - therefore, this sort of knowledge is generally floundering in Universities. Illustration for magazines and ads have taken a new route and artists in design are more in demand, but this technical knowlege should be picked up by the comics undustry, and not forgotten. It would be a terrible step backwards. We shouldn't have to forge new ground that has already been uncovered.

If anyone has any information about The Famous Artist's Course, please email me.


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