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NAME: Yukie
ROLE: Webmistress
BIO: I am asian. I have black hair, wear glasses, had braces once, and play piano. I am a computer nerd, I draw and I have mad asian kungfu skills. It's all in the blood!

My interests are drawing, reading, and scheming. I am a fan of beautiful art styles and orchestral music. People with white hair and vampires are teh awesome. I love good psychological stories with a lot of symbolism and hidden meanings. I hate typical shounen series about little boys who save the world with their mad asian cardplaying/fighting/pokeball throwing/soccerball kicking/fishing skills. One is enough.

My current obsessions are: Yoshiki's works, Trinity Blood, RahXephon, Angel Sanctuary, Haibane Renmei, Wolf's Rain, and Yoko Kanno's works.

LINKS: A N G E L T H E S I S: An Art Site
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